by Marc Kevin Hall on November 5, 2014

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lestersIn the wake of yesterday’s midterm elections, I’ve been asked by a couple of friends what I believe in. Given that I don’t think they are looking for my version of Crash Davis’s speech in Bull Durhamwhich I’ve posted elsewhere, anyway — I’m guessing the interest is in my political opinions. Be careful what you ask for, my friends.

I believe that…

  • …lies are not facts, no matter how often they are repeated.
  • …the worth of a human being is not measured in dollars and cents, nor does a bank balance indicate intelligence or wisdom.
  • …giving more money to the wealthy in the hope that they will create more jobs is as sound an economic practice as taking out a bank loan to buy lottery tickets.
  • …women should be in complete control of their bodies, and any laws limiting that control should be drafted, endorsed, and passed by women alone.
  • …every American has a right to free health care and a viable income; America’s failure to provide this is the primary reason for our loss of stature in the world.
  • …the American Civil War was about slavery, period. Rebel states? You lost; get the fuck over it and build a real future.
  • …it is none of your god damned business what kind or how many people someone chooses to love.
  • …evolution should be taught in schools, and that creationism and intelligent design are not equally valid “theories.”
  • …climate change is real, human action is a primary factor, and we’re fucked if we don’t stop listening to liars pretend there’s an actual debate on the topic.
  • …the media is not obligated to seriously present an opposing view when that view is clearly bullshit, but that it IS obligated to point out bullshit whenever it’s presented as facts, no matter the source.
  • …America has returned to its founding principle: only rich white male landowners get a voice in government, except for the occasional rich woman or non-white citizen, as long as they keep quiet.
  • …corporations should not reap the benefits of citizenship until they are subject to the risks and limitations of citizenship.
  • …excusing evil, inhumane actions by invoking the magic word “capitalism” is a sign of a corrupt, likely irredeemable soul.
  • …there should be a Constitutional amendment striking all references in legal code to “marriage” and replacing it with “legal union.” Keep religion out of the law.
  • …America has changed from a well-intentioned, naive nation to one which is reveres its own stupidity.
  • …we have become a nation of short-sighted, greedy, self-absorbed assholes who worship the wealthy as gods.

I don’t believe that it’s too late to change course, to reverse the damage done to our national character, but…

I do believe we’re running out of time.

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Frankenstein's MeatballsI am not about to go to this much trouble, but…

We have the technology to join different cuts of meat together, so why do we always make it look like, well, meat? Imagine a buffet of extravagantly assembled origami meatcraft: exciting carnivorous designs concealing mysterious and unexpected stuffings; beautifully engineered steak architecture supporting provocative pork sculptures; Gaga-esque wardrobes of stitched salami and tailored chorizo. Surely the possibilities would be endless?

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I found this LitReactor list of disturbing yet literary works interesting, not least because of the ten items listed, I’ve only read four. (I plan to rectify that soon.) Keep in mind, though, that it’s not a “ten best” list or anything of the sort. Thinking of all the additions I would make reminds me of how deep the field really is, and how pointless genre boundaries are.

Got any favorites you’d like to add?



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