About the Site

Hidden City (est. 1999) is a collection of the stories, essays, dreams, and delusions of its writer, Marc Kevin Hall; that is to say: me.  It has existed in various forms since 1996, exhibiting longevity which is admittedly a source of no little astonishment to a great many people. You can learn more about my long years on the Internet on the City History page.

With over a decade of history it is easy to get lost, particularly since it hasn’t always had a laser-like focus. On most pages you’ll see a list of Collections in the sidebar, and you will find a similar menu on the top. These should help you find something to your taste. Note that Blogging is a catch-all category for the day-to-day minutia of life, but it’s also where new work in the other categories will be announced.

One big improvement over the previous iterations of Hidden City is that now you can sift through thousands of entries to see if I’ve mentioned you — or your favorite topic, anyway. Use the Search box in the sidebar.

This version of the City, even more than its predecessors, is a work in progress. There will be broken links — many of them. While I will be continually tracking them down and repairing (or removing) them, if you find one please tell me. For that matter, if you have any suggestions at all, by all means let me know via the conveniently located Contact page. However, should your suggestion involve certain physical acts impractical for a man of my age and flexibility, I will probably pass on it.