Quel bummer. I finally get a chance to see the redesign on Netscape, and it completely explodes. It looks like Netscape doesn’t like my stylesheets at all, which sucks as I bought TopStyle specifically to warn me about this sort of thing. Back into the trenches until I figure this out. (I have got to get the BAN working again; I need the test machines.)

If you are wondering what is going on with the site, I’m doing some updating when I should really be earning money. Too much Nyquil this week, so now that I am off it, I can’t sleep. C’est la vie.

Freaks and Geeks

As I make my way through the VBITS conference, I am continually struck by how similar it is to GenCon, the adventure gaming convention. Both are subcultures in which the men greatly outnumber the women, where specialized knowledge is valued more than traditional social skills, and where for a few days mundane society is set aside in favor of an immersive environment. Kind of an alternate universe where extreme body types are the norm, everyone is born myopic, and men outnumber women 2-1. It is always scary to watch, but kind of exhilarating, too. I’ll have to revisit this topic some time soon.

The reality was that I didn’t take the day off, and that I have still not had a chance to slow down. I’m no longer burning the candle at both ends, though; now I just put the candle in the microwave and set it on high. (It saves time.)

I’m in Orlando again, this time at a programming convention called VBITS. (Actually, I think Wednesday was called VSLive! or some such.) VBITS is a conference for programmers who use Microsoft’s Visual Basic language/toolkit. Today was a mildly informative eight-hours of puffery about how Microsoft’s new Visual Studio .NET development environment is going to have the same impact on the world as the invention of the wheel. Tomorrow through Sunday night will teach me more and more about the exciting world of … well, stuff like that. Feel the excitement?

Okay, I’m not being fair. Here I am bitching, and I am only here because of circumstances. My friend (and co-worker) Victor was scheduled to go, but he just quit for a better job at Office Depot, and my friend (and boss) Greg tapped me to go in his place. (Primarily because I was the only one from the department who wasn’t going in the first place, so I was the only reasonably warm body available to use the ticket.) Now, the fact that it is a VB conference is only significant in that I don’t use VB. I’m the communications guy, for God’s sake. It is practically in my job description to despise Microsoft! But hey, it is a growth experience.

And at least I am staying in the Marriott, and I know from past experience that they have STSN Internet access available in the rooms. Since I live in an (ahem) lower income neighborhood, they haven’t set up DSL or cable modem access yet, so little trips like this are my only hope of experiencing life in the fast access lane.

Sadly, something must be fucked up in the settings of my trusty IBM notebook. A very patient STSN support person named Joseph tried to help me figure out the problem, even going so far as to remotely reboot the hotel’s server to try to resolve the issue. In the end, though, I think the problem is in the weird custom install of IE5.01 forced on me by my company’s kafka-esque corporate IT department, FSG. So, while I was eventually able to get the browser to work (partly), FTP is out of the question, thwarting my attempts at posting photos of the conference. I’ll have to post them after the fact.

Two weeks, my ass. I’ve been traveling, what can I say? Nowhere particularly good, either – Tampa and Orlando – and not for personal entertainment or edification. Just training my co-workers (many of whom are new to PCs in general) to use Lotus notes. of course, I’m not in the training department, but what the hell. I got to eat out a couple of times, and it is better than sitting in the office answering support calls all day..

But tomorrow is a day off, so I am going to play a bit of catch-up then. Or at least, that’s the theory.

Two Weeks?

Two Weeks? Is it really going to take me two weeks to find something to write about? No, Cómo I suspect that blogging is going to be a lot like keeping a journal – something I find immensely fascinating, but which life gets in the cheap jerseys way of executing.

It isn’t that shit doesn’t happen, because it does. Maybe not anything of general interest to the population at large, but then, most blogs – and vanity websites, for that matter – are bottles in the ocean, anyway. Who cares? My friends may go read what I write, but then they hear most of this out of my mouth, anyway. (And since I am told I speak and write with one voice and one syntax, then there isn’t even any difference in presentation.) avisa… Who wholesale mlb jerseys else will be interested? Perhaps people who are curious, who might have seen my name on some other site. Will I hold their interest? Time will tell.

In the interim, though, I stumbled around and came across this site, run by an interesting woman named Faith. I can’t tell you much about her, as I haven’t had the chance to read much of her blog yet. But I like the sound of her voice, and she has inspired me to follow her lead (even though she she is following someone else’s lead, too, but ain’t that the name of the blog game?). Therefore, for your intended amusement and edification, we humbly present:

    24 Useless Facts About Malcolm

  1. I’m 40 years old.
  2. I’m primarily Irish, but I cheap mlb jerseys think of myself more as des Kentuckian (which surely qualifies as a nationality, by now).
  3. I’m pretty wholesale mlb jerseys much bald, and have been since I was 17. I’m comfortable in my skin.
  4. I live in Miami with the AntiChrist of Cats, named HobGoblin.
  5. Rum is my intoxicant of choice, but I am on a sangria kick at the moment.
  6. By day I am a mild-mannered intranet designer/administrator. By night, I am the same thing. Not too much of a social life, no…
  7. I hate to drive.
  8. I taught myself HTML, VBScript, Javascript, all that stuff, but I was a Music Composition major. How did I end up programming for a living?
  9. I have shelves full of computer books, most of which cheap jerseys have bookmarks a couple of chapters in.
  10. I have an innie, too, Faith.
  11. I am not exactly know for my sartorial elegance, unless you really like brightly patterned shirts.
  12. I want to get my favorite quotes tattooed on my back, but I probably won’t.
  13. I love movies, but don’t see nearly as many as I would like.
  14. I am seldom wrong, except when I claim that I am seldom wrong.
  15. Twin Peaks was one of the best TV viewing experiences Nik I have ever had.
  16. I love darkness, but I love neon lights in the darkness more.
  17. As a kid I once buried a G.I. Joe action figure in the sand on the beach, then could never fnd it again.
  18. I had a Pilot 1000 when they were first released. It was stolen; I was heartbroken.
  19. I wish Quadra I could dance.
  20. I am a free-speech absolutist. No exceptions.
  21. I like having dishes which don’t match.
  22. I never met a musical genre I didn’t like.
  23. Scott McCloud is a god.
  24. Why get a room? If you see something you don’t like, look the other way.

I like role-playing games. Historypin I wholesale NFL jerseys never get to play them, wholesale NBA jerseys though, so I have to wholesale mlb jerseys sublimate my desires into other forms. Unknown Armies is one of the best, so I bought ! the domain name for the creators and have been designing a site for a them. Slow going, unfortunately, give the cheap NFL jerseys brevity of my free time, but it’ll get there eventually.

Even though I had heard about blogs for a while, the manifold impositions of work and what passes for life have kept me from actually investigating then. wholesale jerseys ‘Til now, anyway. выбрать? An article on Webreview discussed them, and extolled Fever their virtues cheap jerseys as being the salvation of an overly commercialized Internet. (And those who know me know how easy it another is to get me wound up on that particular topic. I am sure most of cheap mlb jerseys my friends are truly sick of hearing me say “Why, I remember when you would get flamed cheap jerseys for even suggesting that someone be allowed to sell shit on the web!” But I digress…)

Anyway, this is a first post, part of an ongoing effort to get some more use out of this domain of mine. And maybe have some fun, too. Thanks for playing.