31 days of black and orange

Vintage Hallowe'en postcard, 1923

It’s that time again, the month of haunts and horrors and shrieks in the night, of ghastly moans and the screams of the eternally damned, the rising once again of those long thought dead. That’s right: it’s time for mid-term elections.

But it’s also October, and that means Hallowe’en is around the corner. I have a full month (or close to it) of posts planned in celebration of my favorite holiday, but I recognize that not everyone wants to read reviews of scary movies and creepy books, or even to hear me wax nostalgic about the (somewhat) innocent Hallowe’ens of my youth. So while a few stories may bleed (heh heh heh) over on to the main site, I’ve set up a separate section specifically for your ghoulish gluttony. (It even has its own feed, for those more technically inclined.) Anything not related to the holiday will appear here on the front page, as usual.

I know that commenting on blogs is so very 1999, but I’d love to hear from you. Talk to me about Hallowe’en: What’s your favorite horror movie or book or music? What was your favorite costume as a kid, or as an adult? Do you believe in spooks? For that matter, do you want to see something really scary?