Chapter Four

Chapter Four - In which our narrator attempts to explain himself, and a new direction is set.In which our narrator finally reappears, makes some excuses, and sets a new direction for his nearly abandoned City.

Where have I been? Going to and fro in the earth, and walking up and down across it, I suppose. I’d claim to have been off somewhere living my life, but any long-term readers here would spot that lie a mile off; I’ve never shied away from detailing my exploits here, no matter how mundane they may be.

Back when I founded Hidden City, it consisted mostly of outbound links, with occasional commentary. As the Internet grew, my interest in link sharing waned. Aggregations were popping up everywhere, so I didn’t have a burning need to curate my own list.

So I spent more time writing longer posts, more personal stories. Readers responded — generally positively — and I enjoyed the storytelling much more than I had enjoyed the link sharing. I spent a lot of time crafting tales I hoped would make the audience feel something, and was somewhat surprised to learn that as often as not, they did.

Things changed in my world, though, physical and digital. The rise of social media further distracted audiences from anything longer than 140 characters. People would rather spend fifteen minutes watching a sickly produced video than read a story. My audience dwindled at the same time events conspired to make it challenging for me to find the time or energy to write. Slowly, Hidden City ground to a halt.

I missed the place, though; a part of me died with it. That’s one reason why I turned down an offer to sell off the domain name for a pretty big sum of money, even though I really could have used the cash. Selling it would have meant admitting that I would never write again; I would have been trading my magic beans for a cow.

So here we are again: starting a new chapter in the life of Hidden City, and its occasionally humble narrator. I’ve been playing the social media game on a variety of fronts — Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and others — so as a way to bring it all together, I’m going to start feeding as many of those streams as possible here. That way there’ll be something to look at while I’m still getting up to speed on writing longer pieces again. If you already follow me in those places, then yeah, there will be duplication. On the positive side, though, the sheer volume of crap posted in those places makes it likely that you aren’t seeing everything I put out there, anyway.

Is this what you can expect from Hidden City from now on? Nah, probably not. I’ve picked up enough wisdom not to expect anything to ever stay the same. For now, though, it seems to be a good way to prime the pump and start bringing the city back to life.

And maybe I’ll manage to bring myself back to life, too.


3 thoughts on “Chapter Four”

  1. Nice to see the gates unlocked. I’d forgotten how to open them, so it took me a it of time to finally log in. I am pleased to see Hidden City open for business, again.
    Keep yourself well and keep writing.
    You’re needed.

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