Feed your Robot Brain

skull-profile---plainSome of you may have noticed an uptick in the number of posts coming out of Hidden City. I’ve started an experiment to help me keep track of topics of interest to me, some of which may also be of interest to you. I use several services to collect and share information online. Two of the main tools are If This Then That (ifttt.com), and Pocket (getpocket.com). IFTTT excels at taking information from one of my feeds — Instagram, for instance — and saving them somewhere else — like Hidden City. I constantly come across links that look interesting on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, mail lists, Hangouts, et cetera. Since I have not yet found someone who is willing to pay me to read nonsense on the web, I need a place to save them for later. And oddly enough, you may share some of my peculiar interests. To this end I’ve created a new section on Hidden City: Brainfeed. You can subscribe to it with whatever program you like, or just visit the page. It”ll be a sporadically published highly eclectic stream of stories about weird science, gadgets, interesting photos, human interest, and anything else striking the rather large target of my fancy. These posts will not appear in the regular Hidden City feed, which I am trying to keep focused on the more personal essays and stories which have formed its heart for the past decade. For the moment, anyway, the Brainfeed items will show up in Facebook:  Hidden City and Tumblr’s Curio City (and the Hidden City Twitter feed, if anyone is following it any longer). If you find this useful, let me know, and if you have suggestions for ways to feed my brain, so much the better.