Ordinary beauty

I’ve been hesitant to post photos lately. I know that I’m not much of a photographer, although I enjoy playing with a camera, and there are many excellent photographers working in South Florida. Unless I chance upon something newsworthy, what’s the point?

Still, when a friend offered to drag me down to Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens for their annual Orchid Festival, I decided to go and snap some shots. The news around the state, nation, and world has been astonishingly depressing, so I had hoped some ordinary beauty would perk me up enough to finish some of my other essays.

A water vista at Fairchild Garden
Open spaces
Waterfalls of orchids
Waterfalls of orchids
Brass cabbage
Brass cabbage with bird feet?
Teas and spices from around the world
Teas and spices from around the world
Dinosaur in the lily pond
Dinosaur in the lily pond
Fairchild's original house
Fairchild's original house
White and purple orchid
A bare hint of color
Red orchid
Red and green and not Christmas
Bell-shaped orchid
Is that fuchsia? I'm awful with color names.
Golf Green Orchid
The Golf Green Orchid seems to be a bit shy.
Black orchid
There's no such thing as a black orchid
Deep purple flowers
A most remarkably deep purple
Magenta and white orchid
These magenta and white orchids were popular

For a few hours, the ordinary beauty of a bright day, fresh air, and exotic flowers helped lift my spirits. I wish I could have held the feeling for longer.

Cactus Flower
Cactus Flower

When I started editing the photos I nearly scrapped them all. I tend to compare my own work to that of professionals, and it doesn’t compete. I’m often embarrassed to even use them to break up my stories, and this batch was no exception. Then again, plenty of high-quality photographers routinely surround their images with mediocre text.

Golden apple
A golden apple, needing only to have KALLISTI inscribed

Perhaps I’m setting the bar too high.