Sleepless nights and righteous anger

The continuing tragedy in the Gulf and the hideously degenerating American political situation in general — aided and abetted by work-related obscenity — are keeping me in a state of perpetual anger and frustration. I try to find positive and pleasant things to do to pull out of the spiral of despair, but it’s hard work (to quote the monkey). I feel like I should cut loose with something coarse and violent to express how I feel.

Instead, though, I’ll just link to this Steve Gilliard rant, which includes this bit of truth: “George Bush’s ineptitude has killed far more Americans than Osama could have dreamed of.”

[Edit]: Nancy Giles has a good, if brief, commentary, as well.

Do I think the tragedy in the Gulf is solely Bush’s fault? No, not his personally. But the cronyism, racism, and indifference to the poor which make up the Republican party, of which he is the ostensible leader, well, that’s a good place to start.

In the meantime, if anyone can think of a good way to get me out of this horrid state of mind, please let me know.