Perhaps I should let you know that I haven’t frozen to death. In fact, it’s been an extraordinarily mild winter, according to locals. A few have accused me of ruining Maryland’s weather, but that’s silly. It would take me far more than six months to do that.

Rough season for lawn flamingos

But there has been snow, and a few nights below 30° F, leading the cats to overcome their initial distrust of those big iron things under the windows. Me, though, I tend to keep the windows open in my upstairs office.

Two-Face cuddles the radiator

Normally I would be inclined to complain about the relative lack of cold and snow, but that would be ill-mannered of me. This may be my new home, but that doesn’t mean I have to start slagging it right off the bat. Any time I feel the urge to whine, I just go and read the South Florida Daily Blog for reminders of the reasons why I left.

I have thick soles

Oh, as an aside: There have been quite a few people lately beginning to follow Hidden City on Facebook. Given the rarity of recent posts, this perplexed me, until I discovered that there’s a TV show by the same name on the Travel Channel. If you are one of the people who started following my writing under the mistaken impression I’m Marcus Sakey, I’ll completely understand if you leave. But hey, since you’re already here, why not take a look around?