Is this an overtly spooky video? No, but once you watch it you’ll understand why there’s a subtle and all too real kind of horror in it.

And anyway, as I need to remind myself from time to time: my site, my rules. It’s Hallowe’en-appropriate if I say it is.

Creep (Radiohead) – Scala & Kolacny Brothers.

On a related note, that film I posted the other day, Alma? There’s word on the street that Dreamworks is developing it as a feature film.


Two words of caution about today’s Hidden City Cinema offering. First, it’s done in shaky-cam, so if Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield made you want to barf (from the motion, not the scripts), exercise caution. (It’s only a minute and a half, though.) Second, if you are easily creeped out, do not watch this at home alone at night. It’s really quite effective.